Top 10 Fashion magazines


Top 10 Fashion magazines:

1- Cosmopolitan: It was first published in 1886 in the United States. At that time it was categorized as a family magazine but in the late 1960s it was transformed to women’s magazine. The contents are including fashion, women’s issues, celebrities, beauty, health and career.


 2- Marie Claire: It was founded by a French industrialist Jean Prouvost in 1937 in France. It’s a women’s magazine and the primary goal of this magazine has been to combine the realities of everyday life with fashion and beauty. Marie Claire is now published in 26 countries including USA.

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3-Elle: The world’s best selling fashion magazine. It was founded by Pierre Lazareff and his wife Helene Gordon in France in 1945. The focus of the magazine is on fashion, beauty, entertainment and health. Elle was launched in U.S in 1988 and today is considered as the world’s largest fashion magazine.

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4-Vogue: Is an American magazine with the focus on fashion and lifestyle. It was founded by Arthur Turnure in 1892 in the United States. The word Vogue means “in style” in French. Vogue has been described as “the world’s most influential fashion magazine” by a critic in “The New York Times” in 2006.

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5-Harper’s Bazaar: Is a women’s magazine and was published in 1867 in the United States. This magazine considers itself as a style source for “women who are the first to buy the best, from casual to couture”. This magazine gathers different designers, photographers, artists and writers to convey a unique overview into the world of beauty and fashion.

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 6-InStyle: Is a women’s magazine which was published by Time Inc. in the United States. The focus of the magazine is on fashion, beauty, lifestyle of celebrities, entertaining and home. InStyle is also distributed as international editions in 17 other countries including United Kingdom, Brazil, Germany and so on.

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7-Glamour: Is a women’s magazine and was founded in 1939 in the United States and now is published in many different countries. Glamour is categorized as a fashion magazine and since 1980 it has held an annual awards ceremony which is called “Women of the year”.

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 8-Lucky: Is a fashion magazine with the focus on shopping and style. It was launched in 2000 in the United States. The content includes tips about what to wear, how to wear it and fashion advice.

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 9-Allure: Is a women’s beauty magazine which was founded in 1991 by Linda Wells in the United States. The focus of the magazine is on the fashion, beauty and women’s health and it was the first magazine has mentioned some health risks related to silicon breast implants.

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 10-W: Is an American fashion and women’s magazine which was created in 1972 by James Brady. The magazine has an oversize format and it covers both American and European society.

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